Speedy door closers are completely hermetic, and the regulation system provided by 2 independent valves located in the internal oil circuit is enough to ensure an optimal product output. Speedy door closers do not need any special maintenance.

Speedy door closers are produced in several spindles and forces in order to fulfill all installation requierements. In order to choose the correct one, it is necessary to know the sizes and weight of the glass door, as well as the glass thickness, and check our Speedy catalogue.
You can find in that catalogue the suitable force for each Speedy model, depending on the technical data exposed above. And if you have any doubt, you can contact us and we will assist you in order to give ou the best solution.

In our website you will find different Lock families, depending on each installation type. Each family shows diferent options (with key, with fixed knobs, with half-cylinder…) and most demanded options are shown in the website. Anyway, in Gedasa we produce customized models following our customer’s requirements (special cylinders, glass thicknesses, etc).

Not all the locks have left and right hand, and in addition, some of them can be changed from left to righ and vice versa, with a simple switch in the bolt . We encourage you to visit our opening direction document, in order to easily identify which opening way you need. Any doubt you may have, do not esitate in contact us, we will help you!

Almost all glass accessories need glass cutouts and/or some sort of glass mechanisation, so they usually are not easily compatible. There is today a huge offer of glass hardware in a very globalised market. In the event of a glass accesory replacement, it is important to contact your supplier in order to check in advance if the fitting that you are going to install is suitable for the existing glass installation.

It is extremely important to correctly maintain and clean glass hardware installations. No chemical and/or corrosive products are allowed. Glass hardware, for the most part, can be cleaned with a simple cotton cloth moistened with water and a later drying process. It is enough in order to guarantee the correct durability and functioning of all glass fittings.

No, some products are made of brass, other products are made of stainless steel, aluminum…every family has its own finishes, depending on the material thay are made of.
Anyway, in order to give the same finish in the installations, products must be stetically similar and perfectly match among them when they are used in the same project.
We made in addition a lot of special finishes, so we encourage you to visit our “available finishes” section, and ask for any special requirement you may have.

Our website is being continuously changing in order to add new items or improvements in the existing items. Anyway, if you do not find what you are looking for, we encourage you to contact us and freely ask for it. Being part of an European Group of glass hardware producers with moret han 80 years of experience, allows us to offer you the best technical advice and customized products.